Monday, December 14, 2009


This blog will be a new journey for my art as well and my personal experiences with my 19 yr old grandson. I have enlisted my eldest grandson, Britt, to help me on this journey. Britt is autistic, high functioning but he does have the quirks that come with autism, like walking 5 miles in freezing weather without his jacket or only eating meat cheese and broccoli. There was a time we felt we would be lucky if he survived to see his 10Th birthday. When his 10Th birthday came around I think the whole family collectively held our breath.

Britt was born with pulmonary hypertension, a nearly always fatal disease. While I won't go into his lengthy health issues other than to say " Bless God" he has been healed from that terrible disease ! While fighting his way through this illness, that fact of his autism went virtually undetected until he reached high school. Mainly because he had missed so much school that when all was cleared away , Britt, still had learning issues. He successfully graduated high school , and hopefully will be attending college here shortly. In the mealtime, after viewing Julia and Julie or is it the other way around ? Oh well, we have decided to take advantage of the time while Britt on the Educational Institution gets it's act together on his behalf. He has always wanted to be a chef , and would like attend the Le Cordon Bleu here in Oregon. However, Britt doesn't drive , and he is not really ready to take on that challenges involved with living away from home , at least not yet.

So Britt and I , will cook our way through Julia Child's cookbook with a little Martha Stewart thrown in for good measure. However I will NOT be making the calf hoof jell thingy!
I am an artist and have been encouraging Britt with his drawing, so now he wants to also learn the art of anime, a field I know nothing about. I am not sure how these 2 things to will fit together but I am going to help him with the foundations of both at least until he is able to to start college. Which may not be until Fall of 2010.

I will be posting our results online with pictures. Hopefully, we will both be learning our way around the fine art of French Cooking, can you say butter? and dip a toe or two into the art of Anime. Did you know there are free tutorials on almost anything you would like to learn? The Internet is an amazing place!

With Christmas on its way we will probably be starting right after. I need 2 things to get started. A Julia Child's cookbook, and a Anime art book. A Christmas Hint!

Until then I wish and pray that all of us have a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year! Let us all pray for those who serve our country so we can live free! ~Susan~