Monday, January 18, 2010

Britt and I bake!

Last Tuesday Britt and I spent our first day baking. We perused Britt's new cookbook for the best recipe according to the ingredients I had on hand. It's sort of hard to do anything spectacular when you're missing key ingredients , so we chose a recipe from the Heirloom Baking with the Brass Sisters cook.
Lots a great sounding recipes that have been passed down the generations, the one we made was the chocolate fudge pie. Even though it sounds intriguing it was really more like a brownie which was great for us! My husband and I started dieting soooo baking brownies was sort of a no no but I had planned ahead and purchased Splenda sugar and brown sugar substitute to help cut the calories.
The finished pie had a cake like quality , light fluffy delicate chocolate flavor and the added bonus of less calories due to the Splenda substitution. It was a hit with everyone.

I am trying to talk Britt into a bagel recipe I found. Bagels yum! We'll see how it goes. Smiles. Susan

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